Question: Does Kid To Kid Sell Baby Swings?

How much does Kid to Kid pay for clothes?

We price items to sell in store, and offer you between 20% and 50% of what we price items at in cash. We pay a higher percentage for high-demand brands like boutique clothes, toys, and equipment. We pay a less for infant clothes and mass produced brands. To maximize your payout — trade in with us.

Can you return things to Kid to Kid?

Most items may be sold back to Kid to Kid if they are still in great condition, meet current safety standards, and fit the store’s needs. (Car seats are only sold in select stores, as our stores are individually owners and operated.

How much does once upon a child give?

Short Answer: Once Upon a Child resells children’s items at around 70% off retail prices. It buys used items for about 30 to 40% of the resale price. That means for accepted items, you’ll receive 10 to 15% of the retail value when you sell clothes to Once Upon a Child.

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Does Once Upon A Child buy maternity clothes?

We consider clothing from Newborn to Youth size 18/20, Shoes and Boots up to youth size 7, large and small Toys, Kid’s Books, Baby Gear and now Maternity / Nursing Wear. We buy all seasons, all day, everyday!

How can I get money as a kid?

Check out some of these great jobs for teens to make money!

  1. Mow Lawns and General Yard Work.
  2. Babysitting.
  3. Sell Your Skills and Art on Fiverr.
  4. Host a Neighborhood Carwash.
  5. House and Pet Sitting.
  6. Social Media.
  7. Sell Flowers.
  8. Come Up with a Business Idea.

Can you sell strollers?

It’s illegal to sell recalled products, and the CPSC, which works with manufacturers to recall strollers, cribs, and many other child products, focuses primarily on compliance from major retailers rather than the resale market.

Who is the owner of kid to kid?

“I was a young mother with four children, and was shopping secondhand” says Shauna Sloan, Founder of Kid to Kid. “I realized that there wasn’t an organized way for young parents to buy the items they wanted, as well as sell their items back so they they could go to the families that really need them.

Does Kid to Kid do military discount?

Foster parents and military families get ongoing discounts on product in the store. And any family can receive 12 free books a year when they spend $30 and sign up for the Kid to Kid book club. We also donate 5 cents to charity when customers opt out of taking a one-use plastic bag.

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What does Once Upon a Child not take?

What types of items don’t we buy? While it is difficult to provide an exhaustive list of items we aren’t able to buy, here are some common examples: maternity and nursing items, carseats and helmets, bedding, nursery décor, socks, underwear, bath toys, breast pumps, bottles, and kitchen equipment.

Does Once upon a child have a limit?

✅ We buy all seasons and do not limit you on how much you can bring in. ✅ We do try to purchase items from the past five years to stock our store with current styles. Items purchased prior to 2014 will be passed on, so if your baby items where used by your teen

Does Once Upon A Child wash clothes before selling?

Our staff can easily see the clothing. They can also process the buy significantly faster. This is defined as washed and dried prior to dropping off. Clothing we purchase goes directly onto the Sales Floor for resale.

How do you price baby clothes for resale?

Generally, it is best to price your items 50% to 70% less than the retail price. For example, if you bought a $20 toy for your child, then it should be priced at $6 to $10. Clothes are usually priced $2 to $3 for everyday styles and brands from Cherokee and Carters.

Does Goodwill give money for clothes?

You may not get any cash for dropping off your clothes at the local Goodwill/Salvation Army, but your donations can be used as deductions come tax season, which can save you some dough and possibly get you a larger tax return.

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Does Once Upon A Child sell baby monitors?

Baby monitors, bathtubs, bed rails, bike trailers, booster seats, gates, highchairs, strollers, potty chairs, swings, playards, bouncy seats are all welcome at Once Upon A Child!

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